When: 28/06/2019, 09:00 – 17:00
Organizer: GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance (in Greek)

The workshop will introduce creative approaches in STEAM education to generate alternative ideas and strategies within scientific inquiry as an individual or group, and reasoning critically between these. The workshop will present a new vision for teaching and help develop strategies for how teachers’ roles and conditions can support and enable deeper learning for students. To do that, it presents innovative approaches that are making meaningful use of digital technologies, such as advanced interfaces, learning analytics, visualization dashboards and Augmented/Virtual reality applications. In the framework of the workshop we are presenting unique stories of implementation to generate highly imaginative possibilities to the participants.

The workshop will comprises three separate sections:

  • Completion and results of Scientix Labs and STEAM actions of EELLAK in Greece
  • Exploring innovative scenarios for STEAM skills development
  • Strengthening Space-related activities in STEAM training

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When: 29/06/2019, 12:30 – 13:30
Organizer: Agapi Vavouraki with Asimina Geramani, Thaleia Tsaknia & Spyros Rallis supported by the students Kappatos Aggelos, Lignos Antonis, Moustaka Chrysa & Lappas Kleomenis, Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA), Greece

STORIES OF TOMORROW was a challenging European project for teachers and students alike aiming to introduce storytelling in STEM education. The idea was truly provocative. The inspiration was planet Mars. A powerful digital platform enriched with innovative interfaces (i.e. VR and AR) was the tool in students’ hands. The Symposium centres on the implementation process of the STORIES OF TOMORROW at Ellinogermaniki Agogi. It gives insights into the way the school community embraced and empowered the idea. It presents the way that the school integrated the project into the school curriculum and created the opportunities for the students to gain scientific experience, develop inquiry skills and cultivate imagination and creativity. It also gives the opportunity for students to present their aspirations and experience.

Schools – Earthquakes – Actions





When: 29/06/2019, 15:30 – 17:00
Organizer: Dr Gerasimos Chouliaras, National Observatory of Athens (NOA)

The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) and Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) are organizing a workshop for teachers interested in organising actions related to earthquakes in their schools. The seismologist Dr Gerasimos Chouliaras, coordinator of SNAC (School Networks Alert Citizens Protection) will provide information to the participants about the operation and use of the existing school network of seismometers and its data platform as well as the installation of the new Raspberry Shake seismographs from the new school year on. If you are interested in signing up for the Workshop ‘Schools – Earthquakes – Actions’ please register at the conference website of Deeper Learning 2019 and please send in parallel a short confirmation email to to confirm your participation because the posts will be limited.

The iMuSciCA Experience: Learning Science through and with Music







When: 29/06/2019, 15:30 – 17:00
Organizer:Petros Stergiopoulos, Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) & Dr Vassilis Katsouros, ATHENA Research & Innovation Center; supported LEOPOLY, Hungary and CABRILOG, France

iMuSciCA aims at bringing Arts to the heart of the school curriculum to cultivate creative skills of young people alongside with the knowledge they acquire in STEM fields (i.e. in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). iMuSciCA focuses on the systematic integration of a suite of Software Tools and Services with especially designed Educational Scenarios for teaching and learning STEAM in Lower and Upper Secondary Education. The Workbench of iMuSciCA is the central access point to several applications such as DrAwME; Performance Sampler; Tone Synthesizer; 3D Design, Printing and Interaction; Sonification; Math Editor; Geometry & Algebra a well as supporting music and sound analysis and visualization tools. The Workshop of iMuSciCA will provide the participants with hands-on and interactive experiences of the Activity Environments and Educational Environments.

If you would like joining the workshop of iMuSciCA please register at the conference website of Deeper Learning 2019 and please send in parallel a short confirmation email to to confirm your attendance because the number of seats will be limited.








When: 30/06/2019, 10:00 – 11:00
Organizer:Dr Zacharoula Smyrnaiou, National and Kapodistrian Unoversity of Athens (NKUA), Greece

This workshop will present the development of three scientific, research tools of Scientific Creativity through Digital Story Telling. This model of three practice tools was constructed in order to combine the basic principles of scientific creativity as they are presented and researched through CREATIONS and STORIES European Research Programs. The first tool ‘From Inbox to Newbox tool’ is a theoretical tool, based on features of Creativity as they are developed on CREATIONS Program, the Scientific Creativity Structure Model (SCSM) (Hu, 2002) and the TTCT Figural Subscales in Relation to Creative Thinking Skills and Creative Attitudes (Kim, 2017). The second tool ‘Students’ Creativity Evaluation Model’ tries to combine different cognitive domains through interdisciplinary approach to the representation of scientific notions through ICT Tools and different semiotic systems, such as visualization and models, researching expected, original and innovative ways of students’ thinking. The third tool ‘Experts’ Creativity Evaluation Model’ examines the role of experts’ thinking on writing a story and it aims to track experts’ model of thinking and be viewed in comparison to students’ creative model of thinking. Some stories will be analysed indicatively with these research tools by the participants. If you are interested in signing up for the Workshop ‘Evaluating the STORIES OF TOMORROW’ please register at the conference website of Deeper Learning 2019 and please send in parallel a short confirmation email to to confirm your participation because the number of places will be limited.